Advanced Game Development Project - Ekko

Gameplay video of a 2D side scrolling puzzle game I worked on while at University called "Ekko". The game is a based around using the orb as your light source to guide your way through the game and using it to interactive with the environment and use abilities.

I was the Art Lead on the team which involved working with the other disciplines within the team (including programmers and animators) and it was my responsibility to make sure the animations for art assets were created and integrated properly as well as helping the programming team set up interactions with the art assets.

I created the organic aspects of the game environment (rocks, foliage, ect), set up the materials in UE4, set dressed the environment, all the visual effects and particles, blue-prints for puzzles, lighting and level design

While the art work I created for this does not show off the best of my abilities anymore I feel the other aspects of the project I worked on are still relevant.

Ekko Gameplay - Boulder Section

Ekko Gameplay Video - Full Length