Stylized Viking Town Study

This is a top down test environment for developing my stylized 3D skills. I hope to carry on and do more stylized work in the future.

The goal behind this project is to study methods of creating stylized work while developing my own style and techniques. The project is still quite early on. Most of the basic modular kit for the houses is done, although some meshes (such as doors and windows) don't have their own texture yet they just have the wood tileables as a placeholder. The next step would be creating more variations for the module house kit, creating more floor textures and foliage variation. My rule when creating assets is to sculpt everything in ZBrush unless it will be used as an alpha(such as the foliage and straw roof), then do a texture composites with certain bakes and gradients then paint by hand over the top.

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4